Steppin’ Out offers a wide variety of dance classes for students of all ages and interests.

[accordion id=”my-accordion”] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”TAP”] Tap allows a dancer to use the body as a rhythm instrument. Rhythm tap is a smooth, intricate style that begins at the feet and moves through the body. The name comes from the tapping sound made when the small metal plate or “taps”, on the dancer’s shoes touch a hard floor. This lively, rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”JAZZ”] Jazz is enjoyed by all, in its contemporary form with the emphasis on technique, rhythm and style. Jazz classes incorporate isolations, bending and stretching with dance combinations of turns, kicks, leaps, and jumps. A very active dance form, jazz dance involves a full range of body movement. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”BALLET”] Ballet is the foundation of all dances; depending on the level of the dancer, Ballet involves barre work, center floor exercises and moving combinations. Students will focus on technique, flexibility, strength and body placement while emphasizing musicality. Disciplined and precise, ballet focuses on the dancers’ turnout and center body placement. It develops strength, stamina, coordination and grace. Combining proper alignment and body placement seamless transitions through standard arm, leg and feet positions, and astute sense of timing, it trains the dancers to be clean, versatile performers. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”COMBINATION CLASSES” ] Variations of tap, jazz and ballet combo classes are designed for preschool and kindergarten age dancers. Classes are broken into groups by age (ages 3, 4, 5, and 6). [/accordion_item] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”LYRICAL”] Lyrical dance is the fusion of ballet and jazz technique. Expression from the inner emotion is a primary factor in choreographing, dance, and interpreting this art form. A key element in a lyrical piece is seeing the movement done in a flowing or continuous pattern, instead of set counts. Lyrical dance interprets music or works, showing the emotion of the particular piece. The lines are rational in nature with a ballet technique base that determines the correct placement of the body angles.[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”POINTE”] The most advanced form of Ballet. Dancing en pointe is the action of rising to “tips of the toes” while performing steps from ballet technique. Also known as pointe work, it is performed using wooden pointe shoes. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”HIP HOP”] A structured form of street dance and funk. Aerobic endurance is a strong component. This energetic and popular dance style involves the whole body and is all about self expression – It’s vibrant and right on the beat. Hip Hop is much more accessible than other dance forms, it’s less about technique and more about pure explosive movement.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”BROADWAY” ] A combination dance class that focuses on Broadway Jazz dance styling. This class uses Broadway music and teaches children how to use dance to act out their favorite musicals![/accordion_item] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”BALLROOM FOR ADULTS”] Want to audition for Dancing with the Stars—and have fun? Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Swing, Rumba, Salsa, Bolero and many more. Singles and Couples are welcome! Taught by Dennis Adams.[/accordion_item] [/accordion]
Montly Tuition Fees
Monthly Tuitions per Household: Before 10th After 10th
Combo Class $40.00 $45.00
Triple Combo $60.00 $65.00
1 class $40.00 $40.00
2 classes $72.00 $75.00
3 classes $108.00 $112.00
4 classes $144.00 $149.00
5 classes $180.00 $185.00
6 classes $216.00 $221.00
**Prices listed above include a family discount of 10%, rounded to the nearest dollar amount.
30 minute private instruction $110.00 $115.00
1 hour private instruction $175.00 $180.00

A registration fee of $20.00 per student is required with the registration form to reserve class space. It takes many hours and man-power to coordinate the schedule to accommodate our clients; therefore this fee in non-refundable.


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