Good attendance is imperative, as absence and tardiness can hold an entire class back. The studio cannot jeopardize its responsibility to the rest of the class for one student. Please make every effort to have your child present at every class. This shows children the life-lesson of commitment. Please remember this when your child is involved in multiple extra-curricular activities. It is a detriment to students to be out for weeks at a time for other activities when they first made a commitment to dance class. If you choose to miss classes due to illness or other activities, you are still responsible for the monthly tuition.

Calendar Items
  • The studio follows Anderson School District #5 for MAJOR HOLIDAYS and inclement weather closings. This does NOT include minor holidays or teacher work days.
  • The Annual Steppin’ Out Dance Studio Recital is tentatively set for May 18–20, 2022 at Anderson University Rainey Fine Arts Center. Rehearsals will be the same week. Please make a note of the dates on your calendar
Dance Attire and Shoes

Dance attire and shoes may be purchased in our own in-house boutique “The Dancing Diva.” Dancers must wear leotard, tights, dance pants or work out wear. Leotard and tights can me any color any style. Instructors must see body lines. Ballet students must have leotard and tights for class.

Ballet students: Pink ballet leather slippers or for the experienced dancers pink pointe shoes. Hair must be worn away from face.

Tap Students: Beige flat tap shoes for students 11 years and younger. Beige heel tap shoes for students over the age of 12.

Jazz Students: Black split sole jazz shoes.

Lyrical students: Beige lyrical half sole sandals or beige footUndeez.

Hip Hop Students: Street shoes with rubber soles and “work out” wear is accepted. You may be asked to buy a specific shoe when it comes time for recital.


Costumes for the May recital will be ordered during Christmas Holidays. Costumes for each class are $75. Your first payment of 50% is due Nov. 1. The balance must be paid Dec. 1. Costumes will not be ordered until the balance is paid in full. Your child’s teacher will measure students in November. Please remember that your child’s measurements are compared to a chart that costume companies provide.  Consequently, some costumes may need alterations when they arrive. Alterations are the responsibility of the parent. Costume fees are non-refundable.

Other Important Information
  1. No one is allowed in the dance rooms except the teacher and the students being taught.
  2. The studio follows Anderson School District 5 for MAJOR holidays. This DOES NOT include minor holidays and teacher work days
  3. The studio follows Anderson School District 5 for inclement weather. If the school district dismisses early or is closed, the studio will be closed. Snow Make-Up days will be arranged by the individual teachers.
  4. No tobacco products, gum, food, candy or soft drinks will be allowed in the dance rooms or lobby.
  5. Please notify the studio if you have a change of address or phone number.
  6. Classes missed due to instructor illness will be made up at a later date.