competitive team auditions

Friday, April 1st, 6PM • Saturday, April 9th, 11am

All dancers ages 5–18 are welcome! Click the link below to let us know you’re coming.

Summer at Steppin' Out

We are offering a variety of classes during our summer session this year. Classes run from June 6 to July 29 (taking the week of July 4 off). Registration is  open now. If you have multiple children taking classes, you will need to fill out a form for each child, but you can pay at once. In the case of weekly classes, you can take advantage of the multiple-class discounts whether it’s for one child taking more than one class, or multiple children. If you choose to pay for both months of the summer session prior to the start of classes (June 6), you will automatically receive a 10% discount. Just add a quantity of 2 when you go to check out. 


New for 2022! Aspiring actors can build a solid foundation for musical theatre performance with performer and vocal coach Heather Statham. This 18–week course begins in January. Sign up today to save your space!

Tiny Dancers

Our studio is the perfect place for a young child to take their first dance class and a professional environment for the more serious dancer.

Steppin’ Out provides dance education to students of all ages in the area of ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop and pointe. We have highly qualified teachers, over 60 classes offered weekly and 3 multi-level competition and performance teams. Steppin’ Out is equipped with 4 dance rooms, all with floating sprung wooden floors to help prevent injuries.

We invite you to be a part of our amazing dance family and thank you for trusting your child’s feet in our hands.

Amy Coleman
Owner, Steppin’ Out

Let’s Keep Each Other and Our Families Safe!

Check out this video that will explain our COVID-19 safety procedures. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

2020-2021 Class Schedule

We have created the schedule for this year, but still have room for some more dancers in most of our classes—even with social distancing and following recommended COVID guidelines! The dates and times are below for all our recreational dance classes. Sign up for classes today before they fill up!

10:30 amIntermediate Adult Ballroom
4:00 pmTumbling Preschool Ages 3-4
4:15 pmFancy Feet (ballet, tap and tumble) Ages 4-5
4:45 pmIntermediate I Ballet and Mini Team, Technique CLOSED
5:00 pmTumbling Preschool Ages 4-5
5:15 pmBallet Ages 7-9
5:15 pmHip Hop Ages 5-6
5:45 pmIntermediate II Ballet
6:00 pmBasic Tumbling Ages 6-11
6:15 pmIntermediate/Advanced Lyrical Ages 13&up
6:15 pmHip Hop Ages 6-7
6:45 pmPointe I
7:00 pmBasic Tumbling Ages 6-11
7:15 pmIntermediate/Advanced Jazz Ages 13&up
7:15 pmJunior PAT PACK Jazz Choreography
7:30 pmBeginner Tap Ages 8-11
8:00 pmAdvanced Tumbling
8:15 pmJunior PAT PACK Lyrical Choreography
8:15 pmBeginner Adult Ballroom
10:30 amBeginner Adult Ballroom
4:00 pmTumbling Preschool Ages 4-5
5:00 pmTumbling Preschool Ages 3-4
5:00 pmJunior/Elite PAT PACK Conditioning
5:15 pmLyrical Ages 6-8
5:15 pmHip Hop Ages 7-8
6:00 pmBasic Tumbling Ages 6-11 CLASS CLOSED
6:00 pmAdvanced Ballet CLASS CLOSED
6:15 pmHip Hop Ages 9-10
6:15 pmJazz Ages 6-8
7:00 pmBasic Tumbling Ages 6-11
7:00 pmPointe II CLASS CLOSED
7:15 pmLyrical Ages 9-11
7:15 pmHip Hop Ages 13&up CLASS CLOSED
8:00 pmBasic Tumbling 12&up
8:00 pmIntermediate/Advanced Adult Ballroom
8:15 pmLyrical Ages 13&up
9:30 amSt. John Preschool Ages 3-4
4:30 pmMini Jazz PAT PACK Choreography
5:00 pmTwinkle Toes - 45 min ballet and tumble Ages 3-4
5:00 pmPAT PACK Mini Lyrical Choreography
5:30 pmPAT PACK Mini Conditioning
5:45 pmHip Hop Ages 11-12
5:45 pmAdult Ballet
6:30 pmPAT PACK Elite Lyrical Choreography
6:45 pmHip Hop Ages 10-11
6:45 pmAdult Tap
7:30 pmElite Contemporary Choreography
7:45 pmHip Hop Ages 13 & Up
7:45 pmAdult Jazz
4:15 pmPAT PACK Petite Technique
4:45 pmFancy Feet (Ballet, tap and tumble) Ages 4-5
5:30 pmHip Hop Ages 8-9
5:45 pmBallet Ages 6-8
5:45 pmTwinkle Toes (ballet and tumble) 45 mn Ages 3-4
6:30 pmHip Hop Ages 10-11
6:30 pmBroadway Babies (Tap and Ballet) Ages 5-6
6:45 pmTap Ages 6-8
7:30 pmTeenage Lyrical/Jazz Combo 1.5 hour Ages 12-14
7:45 pmShooting Stars Competition Team